Joseph Gambino

I have spent years as a mechanical engineer working on things that make the world a safer place. My passion is user-centric design and my specialty is early stage development and prototyping. The best part about mechanical engineering is making things with your hands, but what I really love is engineering things out of pure math. I am studying data science with Metis to return to my analytical roots.

My Background

At Northwestern University I studied mechanical engineering and user-centered product design. After school I worked in the missile countermeasures division of Northrop Grumman Corporation. While shooting down missiles with infrared lasers makes for great bar talk, I began to miss design.

I left the defense industry for the dental industry. It wasn't as sexy, but it was just the kind of user-centered design thinking that I love. Verena Solutions made a ground breaking product by doing something few other companies in the dental world do: working with and listening to their customers.

Verena Solutions is based out of mHUB, Chicago's only shared space built specifically for startups making physical products. Joining the mHUB community was by far the best career decision I have made. If you work out of mHUB, or would like to, please get in touch.